Missing 1 minute = missing 2 weeks

Missing 1 minute is equivalent to missing 2 weeks of what’s going on. This applies very much to technology. Currently, I am at the final stage of my masters studies.The field I am venturing is INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY or INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN. When you are dabbling with technology, you are NOT allowed to rest from the e-world not even for a minute! While you idle away, the things that keep pouring in, new ones, modified ones…I feel like a grenade thrown at me right now.  If you idle long enough, let’s say 1 month, the the knowledge you have been missing is equivalent to the power of a nuclear bomb.

In lieu with this, I declared that I am suffering from a disease cum addiction called as can-tech-cer. This is due to too much drinking of tech-ie stuff in the beginning. When you stop, you can’t stop. When you really force yourself to stop, it triggers the hidden chemicals in your brain which causes can-tech-cer stage 2. By the way, there are a few stages of this newly dicovered disease. The later stages are yet to be confirmed. While I am in Stage 2, I am still considered as fine. I am trying my very best to prevent Stage 2 escalating to Stage 3 or maybe straight to Stage 4.

Hoping to find a lifeboat somewhere…


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