UMLIC: cooking.what way? -continuation

Modified questionnaire

Refer to the above link for the modified questionnaire.

Few things have been added and certain things have changed “location” (compare to previous questionaire)

Modified items:-

Preferred method of receiving info. More parts are added and also refined.

E.g. Using PowerPoint presentation is fine-tuned to Electronic (Off line): CD-ROMS, Softcopy files e.g. PowerPoint Files

Added items:-

Methods and activities that the lecturers had/have used in the taught courses. Here, the lecturer will identify which method(s) being used and also the degree of usage.

The modified questionaire is explicitly guided (with thorough choices).  To design questionnaire, one has to remember that humans tend to be forgetful, lazy, vague, and need to be spoonfeed. Reason being, to achieve that 70% accuracy in data collection which over-rules the forgetful-lazy-vague mishaps. PLUS to pinpoint any odd ones (hopefully…)

I feel the modified questionnaire suffice in the process of obtaining data.

BUT, manually distributing questionnaire is another challenge. 700++ lecturers will be doing the questionaire. Since it is manually done, manual labour is needed to compile and analyse the data. In order to get the data, let’s say, within a week, is a Herculean task. Stacks of coffee cups, and data collecters hearing and looking for numbers. LOL.

I believe some of the target info can be obtained from the database of individual faculty. Info such as past experience, and the subjects they taught, and number of years teaching in UM. If we are able to obtain those data from the faculty database, then it is not neccessary to repeat. The reason, I suggested so, to turn the questionnaire into an electronic questionnaire. I browsed through the web and found there are softwares which compile and analysed data collected from e-questionnaire. Maybe Faculty of IT (FIT) or Faculty of Business Management or even Faculty of Engineering may have procure such software.

Looking at the newly designed UM website, I have faith that UM is aggresively trying to embrace the technology in IT or online etc. Hence, ahem, e-questionnaire is the apt way to get the data. Saves time which saves cost. UMLIC, I believed, have to work closely with the IT team of UM…..


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