UMLIC: cooking.what way?

Now that the ingredients have been “thoroughly” identified, what goes in first? or do we put all of them together at one go.

Well, seriously, we were told that the workshop for this issue is 1 day to NO budget. LOL. Actually, more precise, budget constraint. 1 day doesn’t mean we run the workshop withing 24 hours.

WRONG! (Imagine Chris Tucker saying that-in “I hate Chris”. GRIN)

Normally, it will start at 8.30 am               
….talk action talk action 

….LUNCH BREAK (1 hour)                  

….talk action talk action talk action                                             

….DINNER BREAK + PRAYERS (1 1/2 hour)                                 

….talk action talk action talk..        

                                          THE END …9 p.m ++

The number of  lecturers whom will be joining (directly or indirectly) is 700++ After laying it out, it sounds like the puzzle, how do you fit an elephant in the fridge?

Ok…back to cooking. Anyway, before the workshop actually commences, there will be a PRE-WORKSHOP. The pre-thingy will be launched to create awareness on the importance of including evaluating soft skills into the taught subject matter. Not only that, the pre-thingy should also include matters that cannot be covered during the ONE-DAY workshop.

As for DURING the workshop, how are we going to give out the knowledge, how are we going to divide them (frankly accomodating 700 ADULTS-people in a room is pretty ‘interesting’), and how do ensure at least 60% of the info is really embedded in their thoughts. Maybe that will be carried out and be an on-going process in the final stage POST training.

Now lets collect data. Much of the assumption(s) need to be validified.

To collect data(s), we (Fenny, Lim & yours truly) created a questionaire.

Questionaire: First Draft

The objective of the questionnaire is to find

  1. how much they (the lecturers) know about soft skills

  2. what subjects have they taught

  3. do they have previous non-teaching experience

  4. which soft skill rank most important for the taught-subject

  5. which preferred media in terms of receiving info regarding soft skills

  6. At a much later point, RM & Lim modified the questionnaire…to be continued


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