03 Feb 2007. 1400 hours. Location: Multimedia Lab.

Things have been brewing. 

We are looking at the phrase LONG TERM.

This was what has been brewing.

We have reached the end stage of analysing. The end stage is divided into 3: Solution*Process*Product.

In the end, 5 categories which interlink or compliment one another, were visualised.

UMLIC as the BB (Big Boss) or BU (Big Umbrella). Underneath are the 5 categories.

1st category: Resource Centre. Function as a knowledge management centre. Collects data. Compile data. Dissect data. Analyze data. Data can be in a form of progress from the soft skills evaluation or even samples of evaluation created by the lecturers.

TEAM 1: Nazi, Tengku, Zana, Feeza


2nd category: Platform Centre. A portal will be created so that those who are interested can access the knowledge anywhere, anytime. Distance learning. The team ensures that the portal is always up-dated and running.

TEAM 2: Dura, shafinaz, asmawati, maizatulshima.


3rd category: Content Centre. Manages and designs the content of the module for the portal, most likely for the training too.

Team 3: Fazue, Fenny, Sara, urs truly


4th category: Evaluation centre. QC 900201 LOL. Functions as evaluating the quality of the training, the knowledge that is being given out.

Team 4: Wong, Ley Har, Yenee, May ping


5th category: Training centre. training lecturers ( small groups ) and making a book – COmplete guide to evaluating UR students. Most likely has to be “purchased” when undergoing training. IT can be downloaded from the main website. On the other hand downloading like 100 pages (assuming thats the number of pages of the Guidebook) with no proper binding (expecting the participant to bind..maybe not so feasible..). So hardcopy can be provided for those who want to decorate their shelves and prefer the smell of freshly printed pages.GRIN.

Team 5: Elham, Azmir, Punitha, Mohan


So next Saturday, at 1400 hours, we have to present a thorough analysis for each of our own category.


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