6107:Multimedia Project

This semester, I am taking Multimedia as one of my subjects. One of my assighments, is to develop a courseware on any theme / subject depending on your prior knowledge, or work experience. Luckily, this is a group assignment (my group: K, H and me).

We have chosen massage as our theme. Reason, one of our group members work in a massage cum yoga centre. Hence, resources are plentiful, but it depends what we intend to create. We decided to go simple and most importantly, basic, looking at time constraint and the technical knowledge that we possessed at hand.

What we created is a courseware specifically for adult learners who has ZERO knowledge on how to massage and also SMALL PERCENT of prior knowledge on what massage is exactly all about. Thus: MASSAGE FOR BEGINNERS is being constructed. The objectives of the courseware are:

1. To create awareness on the benefits of massage

2. To illustrate correct basic massage techniques

3. To create awareness on the precautions taken before massage

Yours truly part is to develop / create the courseware-the technical part. That was the challenge. Initially, I decided to use FLASH but I got stuck at time-frame. I wanted to use FLASH cause we need to make the courseware as INTERACTIVE as possible. After all, this is a miltimedia subject that I am taking. By the way, I invested on some DIY FLASH help-books but it didnt’ really help me…It’s not that I don’t understand but I believe I don’t have sufficient prior knowledge to master it (I am going to learn how to use FLASH after this project). Then, I decided to give MULTIMEDIA BUILDER (MMB) a try. MMB is another authoring tool that helps ignoramous people like me to create something similar of what you can create with FLASH.WHile creating the courseware, my thoughts are


Eventhough the stakeholders are adults, which is equivalent to these people can think or they have prior knowledge in using any courseware, we cannot assume such notion. The important rule is we have to “assume” these people need to be taught on how to use the product. Remember each individual is different and thus, we have all sorts of people and something call..multiple intelligence.So, let’s move on to the courseware.

Initially, the courseware looks like this.


My verdict: plain and an eye sore. I was not satisfied how it turn out. Ughgh.. i cringe at the sight of it.

Need makeover.


SO the above is the makeover.

Firstly,instead of putting the items in individual flower, I decided to cluster them around the flower. When the user is on that page, that particular word will have a different colour. As you can see, the word “benefits” is of GREEN in colour.

By the way, the numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6) under each word is to show which item comes first. Such arrangement, I feel can help the user to navigate the page according to importance. For example, one need to know the HISTORY of massage before moving on the another item: BENEFITS. In HISTORY page, the user will be able to realise how massage comes about and able to relate the importance of massage.

On the BENEFITS page, there is also a brief intro on BENEFITS.

Under the intro, there are instructions in the form of TIP. The word “instruction” comes too strong of a meaning, and it can turn to be quite offensive especially for adult learners. TIP is as similar of giving out clue or HINT. Hence, the effect of the word is soft. TIP creates the meaning of FUN while browsing through the page.

The interactive part will be the human body with BLUE buttons. When the user moves the cursor on the BLUE button, info on that particular part will appear. When the cursor moves away, the info will dissappear.

Pictures on massage (on the left side) is to enhance representation of the theme: massage. These pictures will indirectly enforce that this product is all about massage.

These pictures below are the new makeover:

This picture is the main page. In the main page, there are objectives of the courseware. Again, the pictures are to enhance the courseware-theme. HEre, the pictures on the right and the explanation on the left is to create balance-arrangement of the page. There is another interactive part in this page. When the user moves the cursor on any of the items, short info of what to expect at the particular page will appear. The flower-word-number arrangement is the same for all page is to create schema on the user on how to use or browse the courseware. This is also to create convenience for the user to use other pages. Giving a different layout for different pages, will create confusion and increase a new need of understanding to navigate the page. After all, this courseware is targeted to beginner level. Additional burden like how to navigate or browse the page should be kept at the minimum level.



The next one is the HISTORY page. The interactive part will be by moving the cursor along the GREEN line, sort explaination on each era will appear. The different family of green from LIGHT to DARK represents the development of massage according to era and time frame.



This page (below) is on precaution. The page browse is of similar to benefits.



By the way, white daisy is chosen because of the meaning it carries..purity which is synonymous to massage.

OKie…so far my progress is there (including “preparation”-but not shown) . Moving to to steps and feedback…gambate neh

It is a challenge to develop a courseware-the technical part of it. Challenges like finding the right pictures, if you get the pictures, whether it will be blurred  (as the size is too small), the right colour combination, the arrangement, the suitable words, lines of sentences do you want to have etc etc etc. And every of this detail has to be justified.

Next challenge compiling the courseware to executable file……arghghgh…

my END verdict: its FUN FUN FUN.


2 thoughts on “6107:Multimedia Project

  1. Ng, I see that u hav done sth new ie the history. Tht is interesting. When I did the presentation last week, the class asked whether the precaution mentioned is meant for the body parts that we are about to teach or not. But i informed them that the precaution is in general. Further more, they asked whether we have a certain name for the massage like ayurvedic massage, swedish massage etc. Anor thg, can u please print screen all the slides and email me so tht i can insert it in our assignments?
    Good work Ng.

  2. Hi Hannirm, thanks for the comments.
    Referring to the certain name of the massage..that is something we cannot miss out. Its tru that there are many massages out there. Our massage for Beginners is following which type or with this courseware, the users are able to adapt it to all types of massage since the steps are basic.
    will email you the screen shoots once i have finish with steps category..

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