6107:Multimedia Project cont’

…continue where I stop


The above image is for “preparation”. Again, as explained in the previous entry, when the user move the cursor to the designated picture, explanation for that picture will appear. Here, I added phrases / word to represent or identify each image. This associatism is to help the user to relate.



The above image is the first page for the item-steps. The pictures used for each category are the same pictures the user is going to see in the “other” page. Another feature in this page is the user will click on the button (as hinted) to go the intended page. When the cursor touch the GO button, a simple explaination of the intended page will appear above the picture.

Despite the similar explanation as shown at the top of the page, I believe, this will ease the user. There is a possibility that when the user touch the GO button, the user needs to move the eyes to the top in order to read what was the explaination. This occurance can be quite inconvenient for a certain group of people. This group can be considered as slow learners.

all right….this is my progress so far….

gambate neh..

ps: its raining heavily


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