6107: Multimedia project ends.

Exam is over. Assignment submitted. Hurray.

OKie continue where i left off for this project-assignment.

I have been using MMB for the project and its not enough though. That’s why MMS allows embedded videos, wav. files and also FLASH.

I have to embed videos into our product. Before that, I need to create the videos. Finding videos for our theme is quite challenging. In the end I have to settle for one manually made movie and one video download from a source, Metacafe.com.

The manually made one involves using ADOBE software. USing scan-pictures and estimate where the subtitles will be to put the right location for the picture.


and Windows Movie Maker (WMM).


Using WM prove to be time consuming cause it has been a long time since I have used it. Adding the right size for the subtitle, the right colour, the

timing. The time adjustment prove to be very complicated. And at times, the programme HANGed!!! need to restart my PC at times. I felt like HANGING…in the AIR.

FInally finish with music embed. A pity though, no voice over…so the interactiveness is not that of high level.


so this is how it looks like in the courseware after embedding it.

it looks bland though…simple…toooo simple….not satisfied.

Things was not the same for the BACK massage step-by-step video. Read through the manual. The words were difficult as we did not introduce those words in the courseware. And there were no pictures to illustrate some of the steps. HEnce, decided to take a video done by someone. Luckily found one. With voice over, simple instruction w/o subtitle but thats sufficient.


AFter thinking, hmmm…i should have added a similar one to the HANDARM massage part instead doing the video manually. Unfortunately, not able to find a similar video. In terms of following ID rules…or not…its better to have two of the same kind. Standardization to avoid awkward presentation.

Lastly, the video extracts…..

Next, i had problems with making it autorun w/o affecting the videos and music. Being a newbie, I compile and turning it into exe. file but had problems getting the sound to play. BEst placed to get it solved for those who have zero knowledge in technical stuff, is to go to their forum (MMB). It was immediate answer. I had problems solving it when i was reading the HELP section provided by the software. So next time to solve a similar problem, go to the forum of that software.

Satisfaction level towards the end-product (out of 10) 7



There is always solution at the end. Always.



Now I understand being a technical designer is not easy. The time spent to create one small part takes hours in order to get the right path for the users’ needs.

Now I understand why those technical designer with miles of experience will charged a “big” amount for doing what non-designers will see as small, easy and don’t take much time.





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