Ciao Bella


Ciao Bella, is a simulation game by BIGFISH. Played it yesterday night and finished it after 2 hours of playing. In this game, I take the role of Elena, the main character of this game. The whole story is Elena has a boyfriend whom she has not been in contact for 2 years. The mother of that BF is insisting that both meet up. Of course, the motive of the mother is to see both of them married.

Now Elena have to solve tasks in each level while maintaining my health, family, harmony with other ppl, culture, work. There are two tasks; MAIN task and SUB tasks. The MAIN task is to get into your bf good books.On the other hand, the SUB tasks are usually related to family and work. Then, we have side-tasks. Menial but it is important to get points. Examples such as going to gym, shopping, helping the parents to clean the house, and having small talk with your friends and relatives. Even eating is accounted for.

To make it surreal, time is added.

So, another part you need to balance is time management.

The interesting part of this game, is the realisation that all work only will really damage you and the people around you. Extra stuff is needed to perk your life up like eating, exercising, even watching t.v or movies.

The screen shots below are where Elena stays. Her family, and her family’s little cafe.


Below screen shot:

Prior knowledge for the designated tasks.

Below screen shots:

Map of the Little Italia, and the PDA that keeps track your tasks.


The game is easy to navigate. Simple instructions. Colourful background graphics. Sometimes, Elena wears the same outfit to parties and evening dinners. This turns out to be very disappointing.

The bad part is I had a hard time solving some tasks. (NO CHEAT CODE WAS USED or WALK THROUGH TIPS ARE USED) Some items were hard to get. Though I didn’t get all of them, I still manage to go to the next level but certain points were deducted.

The fact that Elena has to complete main tasks to get the ring from the BF is actually not my idea of getting your way to be hitched.

Overall, the game, in my opinion, scores 5/10.


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