Game: Westward

Genre: Strategy



Westward is a strategy game. The setting is Old West. The big plot is to capture this evil Mad Russian doctor that goes from town to town, giving out false promises. Of course, each town is in a bad state. Your task is to build up the devastated town to boomtowns, while collecting clues that will lead you to the mad doctor. Not really simple.


To make it more challenging, each town is accompanied with sub tasks. You need to fulfill these sub tasks to afford skills which can help build up your town. Examples of such tasks are irrigation, and finding your way to the cattle farm. The annoying thing is whenever you collect gold or wood in the sub tasks, you are not allow to bring those stuff back to your town. Sometimes I feel it is a waste of time to collect them. In certain sub tasks, you need to acquire some gold to buy dynamite to destroy blocked paths or food to keep away the hunger.



There are more than just sub tasks. You really have to build up the town. First, you need to build up a farm, “cut-wood” station and gold mine. Explore the place to get food, wood and gold for pre-survival. You have to add lavatories and wells. The lavatories / toilets have to be placed near the work station. Without lavatories, your settlers will have higher risk towards the plague. Don’t forget houses. AS the money increases, plus the wood, you can develop the town with saloon, trading post and also shops.

A constant supply of food is a must or you will have the settlers moving out of your town. There is the settlers talking or complaining. It can be a drone. After five minutes of playing the game, I have to turn off the sound and music.

Bandits and drunkards are big no-no to development. The drunkards, though harmless, will eat up the cash. The bandits, on the other hand, will destroy the building by “shooting” it down. A saloon is a must for hiring gunslingers, and a sheriff building for getting the sheriff and the deputy.

Don’t worry, there is tutorial in the first town. You will be able to grasp what to do and how to do in seconds.

The level of difficulty increases with every venture into a new town.

The tiresome part of the game is moving the settlers around the place to search how the area is and hoping to find things that can help with the town.


There will be a menu for you to monitor the overall development of your town.

Currently, I am playing Level 4: Paradise Falls (for the second time). I “lost” the first time after making several bad moves. I wonder if I am not smart or a bad strategist since this is not first time I lost in this kind of game. I wonder does this type of game can actually measure a person’s thinking skill.

For those who have never played PC games and will like to give PC game a try, this can be a start to try your hand on strategy game.

My overall rate for this game is 6/10.

Replay value is 3/10.

Graphics is 5/10.


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