to school-blog or not to school-blog?

What is BLOG? says:

“A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.”

Wikipedia says:

A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.

sample of blogs of different functions. – blog directory

I am a fan of reading blogs. Of course, I am very selective on what I read. I am amazed on the language and ideas that flow seamlessly in good blogs. Good, as I defined, content with substance, a flair in language and content triggers cognitive thoughts.

I believe blog represents how one thinks. The brain or should I say specifically the mind is something that we, normal beings have a hard time trying to understand. A friend of mine say that a person’s true nature can be seen when he/she is gambling.

Correct me if I am stands on this similar level-in a legal way, of course. How one writes BLOG, arrange the content, equip the blog, what font is being used, the colour composition and the list goes on…I could say that BLOG is another way of profiling people (anyway,this issue is debatable).

Now lets look at BLOG in terms of stimulating teaching and learning.

BLOG is the 21st textbook. Let me justify this.

BLOG allows personalized learning.

BLOG allows one to write and compose their understanding according to their level.

BLOG gives the freedom to student/ user to design their own worksheet or determine the questions.

BLOG makes one remember and understand the particular subject in depth.

It is not too brazen of me to say BLOG is the ideal textbook for asynchronous learning and redefine the grade A given to students.

BLOG can be equipped with tools to customized learning such as embedded YOUTUBE videos, podcast, photos, and adding links or blogrolls.

BLOG if fully utilized, can function as an ONLINE library, and a platform for board discussion.

Of course, I will hear people say things like,…this is impossible, I don’t have the time, well, it all boils down to attitude and mind set. These are not for KIDS or children. BLOG are for ADULTS, ADOLESCENTS etc. Extra reasons are such as “We are not ICT literate.”, ” I am not a IT freak”. “Primary kids doesn’t know how to ‘man’ a PC.”

I beg to differ. Below are some samples of blogs done by in a school level, either secondary or primary which will change your mind on blogging in the school arena.

(Year 4 -NSW, Aust . Focus: A group of year 4 students who are passionate about bugs have created their first ever wiki. These students would love to hear from other students who are also passionate about the world of bugs!!! )

(Year 4 – NSW ,Aust , Focus: creative and critical analysis using de Bono’s Hats of student artwork)

(the home of the big blog experiment! 27 students enrolled in Gender & Popular Culture (Women’s & Gender Studies) at The College of New Jersey. Student blogs are all linked to this location. Each student’s blog is the primary element of this (on-campus, non-distance/online learning) course, which is where s/he will examine his/her topic of choice through the lens of gender.)

(Years 3 and 4 – South Australia)

(9th biology and AP Biology)

(a collaborative blogging project in Argyll Scotland involving children in P1-3 (ages 4-8) and their teddy bears)

I hope the question of “…what is the correlation of having us learning to create our own blog with the use of technology in the Primary Education?” has been answered indirectly.

I end this scribble with TWO quote from academicians who give a hand in blogging.


“Despite a few temporary technical glitches, my experience with using blogs to teach writing has been very positive. It is too early to tell whether writing produced online, rather than slipped discreetly under the writing teacher’s office door, is truly of a higher standard.” Read more

Jason Ward, Instructor, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Having a BALL with Blog-Assisted Language Learning

“While I don’t know if any of my students will become avid bloggers like myself, I do believe they’ve benefited immensely from constantly putting their ideas into the (at least theoretically) public sphere. Just as I’ve learned much about my own dreams and goals by going public with my thoughts and arguments on sustainability, I hope that my students will recognize the joy of interaction provided in both the theater and the blogosphere.” Read more

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Assistant Professor, Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO

Blogging Back to the Basics


2 thoughts on “to school-blog or not to school-blog?

  1. Hi Miss.
    I remembered I said I would drop a comment or two in your blog… Here I am…
    Have been reading through your entries related to DISC, E-PORTFOLIO and now BLOG.
    Just wish to add one point. Instead of functioning as 21st century textbook, blog can act as a revision book.
    This I realise NOW, the eve of exam.
    Basically, my ‘books’ to revise were merely reading through others’ blogs, inclusive of yours.
    Lazy? Maybe… Effective, yet to know. Nevertheless, I enjoy such a way of revision.

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