Banning “technology” to protect

Today I receive a startling news from a teacher mentioning that social networkign sites such as Youtube, Friendster and Myspace and anything of that similarity is being blocked from schools. Reasons to that were somehow related to negative influence but also something like “….schools in USA also did the same thing” was uttered. Now, even as I am typing, I am actually gooling, jeeving some articles on this issue.

Here are some links pertaining to the BAN,,1834600,00.html

Truth to be told..there is no item that has no negative influence.

Here is the summary of what I got…

The Deleting Online Predators Act -DOPA tries to limit the access of paedophiles to the networking sites which have become hugely popular with minors. The act has already been approved by a large majority in the House of Representatives.

Children will only be allowed to use the social networking sites if adults are present.

Children constitute a major demographic of social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Friendster etc.

Therefore, some suggestions should be done to prevent the use of technology from going awry.

to be continued…


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