There are lots of items starting with the letter “e”

We have





e-ok (means everything is electronically OK, no kidding)

then there is also


We have seen what and even know what PORTFOLIO means. Usually, people tend to associate portfolio with those who are in the art industry such as architecture, photographers, designers, models and the list goes on. But portfolio is also a compilation what one does in his career or life. Therefore, that is called career portfolio.

So when the letter “e” is added, the item has become digitized.

Now there is been a debate going about on e-portfolio. It is interesting that the immediate content of the debate was about the the pros and cons. Kinda reminded me of the good old days of writing karangan that started off with “Tulis kebaikan and keburukan xxx…”

The clustered question is …We keep on disscussing on ‘Why we should use e-portfolio or the benefits of using e-portfolio’, but I believe that e-portfolio does have weaknesses. What will happen if one day our e-portfolio being attacted by virus and we lost ‘EVERYTHING’. Can it happen? or… it’s impossible to happen…

There were feedback.

Now back to why I am yapping on e-portfolio. Reason being is to answer these FOUR questions though I have answered some of them via another form of questions.

1) Is it simply tasksheets completed using the computer and uploaded to your “website” where your e-portfolio is located?

2) Is it what we are doing every week- blog and blog and blog? The blogs that actually share your knowledge ( doing an output session)? Blogs considered as content of e-portfolio?3) Is the learners allow to write their personal experiences, encounters and feelings in their e-portfolio (like diary) which are not relevant to the teaching- learning process?

Is e-portfolio being used in the Malaysian schools? I wonder……(never heard of it actually)

Compiled answer:

An electronic portfolio, which is also called as e-portfolio or digital portfolio, is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user, usually on the Web. — Taken from Wikipedia

Example can be seen in this link:-



More samples can be seen here : http://www.kzoo.edu/pfolio/archive/

E-portfolio can be divided to 3 types (taken from TaskStream)

Presentation Portfolios – Create a professional and personalized collection of work to share to publish to the Web. Collect and organize artifacts to showcase learning achievements.

Learning/Work Portfolios – Document the history of learning progress while working to achieve specific goals. Include reflections on the learning process while generating an archive of growth over time.

Resource Portfolios – Create a digital collection of resources that organizes files, links, and media. Email, publish and distribute these collections to others and manage them in real-time.

Such electronic evidence may include inputted text, electronic files such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files, images, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks. — Taken from Wikipedia

There is a particular lady by the name of Dr. Helen Barrett who experiments on the e-tools which can be e-portfolio-ed. Now who says academic e-portfolio has to be the common type as shown in the previous links. In fact, every e-tool that is being use as e-portfolio has a different way of writing or even arranging the layout. There is also an “APA” format for e-portfolio-ing.

It is called the National Educational Technology Standards Electronic Portfolio Templates. See more details here.

The content of the e-portfolio depends very much on the audience which includes the nature of the job that one is applying

More samples also can be seen here:


–samples of e-portfolio such as there is one in video format


— what u want to know about e-PORTfolio


To find more than just more samples, just google e-portfolio.

The list is endless.


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2 thoughts on “e-PORTfolio

  1. Hi Ms. Ng,

    Ya, I’d gone through the web and I’d found the similar links as yours this morning (but not all, haha, not that I have the time but if I do, I will). Ya, e-portfolio is not only for the academic purposes, but also for promoting purposes, promoting yourself to your future employer (as what the Prof. mentioned that day), promoting your work in order to achieve what one wants (perhaps just to satisfy yourself. Or am i wrong?)and etc.

    So basically in short, e-portfolio is a way, a path for one to achiveve certain recognition in the eyes of others, no matter is for the academic purposes or whatsoever. Am I right?

    Anyway, doubts are clearer now…Thanks!

  2. Your clustered question makes a lot technological assumptions about architecture, backups, and the competency of the people doing the backups. There are many underlining concepts to understand first: common vs. custom (Barrett), fat vs. thin (Australasian), purpose and audience, design of the ePortfolio (a blog as ePortfolio as VERY chronological), and other factors. As you assume, it does have it weaknesses; every technology does. Take a step back and ask yourself “what do I want to accomplish?” and “what do I want my students to achieve?”

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