DISC-ing – day ONE

We, Nazi and I were given the chance to conduct a training / workshop for children from the age of 10-11 at a local school. The workshop ran under the newly created model (Raja M, 2007) called DISC-Design Skills via Collaboration. Here is my one-stop narration.

28 August 2007 – SKBSS, Cheras – Makmal Komputer

Team for DAY ONE were me,





Yap and




The audience were 50 EXCITED children whom majority already have the skills of using MS Power Point.

The trainer was yours truly. I found out that my voice (FOR ONCE) was overwhelmed by 50 voices. Cracking my brain, trying to locate myself at right place where every students would look at me was a challenge. It was a strain for my throat. At first, with the help of my team, I managed to get the half of the class to pay attention to me. Unfortunately, the other half were still not paying the attention. After coercing all 50 students to focus at me, I instantly went to business, knowing this will not last long.

It was introducing myself, what is this workshop, are they familiar with poster, what are posters…and the attention went out of bearing.

During that short span of time, I came to realise that the students were aware of where to find posters. Answers ranged from cinemas, walls, shopping complex…The students need no invitation to give answers. They were eager to give answers though shy, and still afraid if their answers were wrong. Giving immediate compliment such as “good, wonderful, great etc” spurred the rest to raise up their hands.

Moving on, all of them were called to sit in front of white-wall screen. Looking at the samples of poster, such as cinema poster (SHrek2, Barnyard) kick off their prior knowledge. Later, I went to much a serious level type of posters like the Winter Olympic Poster, Global warming poster where some could identify the meaning by just looking at the images.

Other items I touched on were VISUAL Balance, colour, font, contrast,and image. Here are samples of the powerpoint show-designed by Nazi.

During DAY ONE, the workshop was very kinetic. Why? It was conducted in such a way that the students will return to their station after listening to each aspect of poster design. Example: When template briefing is over, the students will go back to their pc to do what was being taught during that particular session. Being kids of age 10-11, they don’t walk. They run. For the first time, I lost control. Shouted nicely till my throat grew hoarse. At one point, I almost gave up. I just realised telling the 50 kids to pay attention to me talking while they were manning their computers is…impossible.

There were unpredicted disturbance. It was photo session/day for the school where every class / society will have their annual group picture taken. So, some of these students were called out during the training. Frankly speaking, it added to the chaotic moment. To call up the names who were involved in the photo session, the student will shout for their friends’ names. Well, that can’t be avoided it seems. They need to be heard.

Being also in a group of three, we also have some not contributing to the team. We also have one person preferring to do all, ignoring the others. Therefore, the ignored kids or even the non-contributing person will do other things such as surfing the net playing games. A domino effect. The rest will be attracted and join in the fun.

I noticed that most of the students are engrossed in the hands-on activity. Seeing the students flawlessly move the mouse and manipulate the image(s) and colour background amazed me. I felt like a frog in a glass bottle.

A lot of things we decided to add to ensure control for the next day.

A voice that is louder than 50 kids voices added up together.

Tune in to DISC-ing – day TWO


One thought on “DISC-ing – day ONE

  1. Hail, Miss Ng! It was really courageous of you to take up the challenge in conducting such workshops especially.. ESPECIALLY when homosapaiens that spans below 5 feet of height. Not that I’m tall.. When you asked for volunteer for the workshop, I was awed in shock.. perspiring a little.. knowing that I’m not ready to handle little monsters… just yet!

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