DISC-ing – day TWO


29 August 2007 same venue / location / room

We carried out Brochure-Design workshop on the second day. This time is just the three of us, yours truly, Nazi, and Lisa.

3 against 50 this time!

First, we decided to go with giving hardcopy of the template with instruction so that the students can read if they ever deleted the instruction to add things in the powerpoint.

Second, we decided to give out all info and later followed by the hands-on activity since we thought it was chaotic asking them to come to the front and go back to their seats several times.

But bear in mind, it is the same 50 kids. The schema has been set on DAY ONE. The information which they learned on DAY ONE can be used for brochure design.

NEXT:Time to take out a secret weapon: the MICROPHONE.

I managed, yes, yes….was able to speak louder…my voice has reached the sky.

And the kids were listening. What fascinates and impresses me was they were able to remember what was being taught on the FIRST DAY. This includes what is VISUAL BALANCE, why some fonts cannot be used, and the type of images available. I am not saying every one in the 50. I can say three quarter of them. The microphone was also one of the reasons (besides the consistent LOUD compliments) some students wanted to answer. Unfortunately, I was not able to pick all of them to answer. Could see the dismay look on some of their faces when their friend was picked to give the answer.

A hiccup happened. Explaining layout for brochure. Due to time constraint, I believed I was not giving 88% on how layout should be used in brochure. There was an occasional silence which creeps me. I look at their faces. I cannot confirmed it black and white. Instinctively, I knew the children was not able to grasp the info. I failed at this moment as an educator! I realised explaining the fundamental parts in design should, no matter in whatever circumstances, cannot be short-cut especially for children.

Luckily, the template is able to serve as a guide. Best say, for them to copy and transfer the info without taxing their brain.Moreover, we supplied images and content to be added into the brochure. Reason being, internet line is slow. This may disrupt the training. AS for the content, this is for them to arrange the content without the burden of thinking what to write.

Before we send them back to their station, I told them that the 3 best brochures will be picked and be given a prize. That got them pretty excited. It seems that giving them the template with fixed instruction (bilingual) got them going pretty fast. When it was recess time at 940am, the students need to be “pushed out” of the room. We had to tell them repeatedly to go for recess or else the food will finish. By 10 am on the dot, all of them automatically go back to the computer lab and continue their work.

One mistake: I didn’t inform there is a time limit for the activity.

Due to that, some took their own time while some were pretty fast. The pretty fast ones could not sit still. Some started playing games. When one play online games, the others who are doing work follow suit. In the end, it was pretty chaotic.

We conducted interviews both individual and group at the end of the session. The session was taped. The most ideal (based on observation, group work may not be the best way for kids age 10-11. Each of them has their own individuality and bursting to prove that. In the group activity, some want to put forth ideas but was literally stop by the person holding the mouse. I caught some were not happy that the same person was holding the lead-mouse holder. Example sentence like, “you are the one who choose that. if it is wrong, it is your fault.”

On the other hand, there were some groups with good synergy among themselves. Well, this group or individual issue is debatable.

AGAIN, the workshop was, somehow, interrupted by the occasionally call for photo session and even choir training. *@__@*

After the training, we even found out, one student wanted the soft-copy to show her/group work to her parents. *^__^*

Overall, I am so happy to be given the chance to do this training.

It gave me insight how to conduct qualitative research, how to manage 50 kids and how to teach 50 kids. Yes, I was happy despite the hiccups. The knowledge shared among the team was precious. It has been quite some time since I felt this snergy working in a group. *^________^*



*currently listening to Dashboard Confessional (a group introduced long time ago by Husam)


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