DAY 2: “Mengupas” data

6.30 am

Mengupas” data…



Mengupas = Peeling

Basically I am cutting my data into pieces. Looking into it ever so thoroughly. I am at N3 (no.3) of the sum=75.

Of course, previously I was going into escapism phase, facebook-ing, updating my music player list, etc for 1 hour…a waste of time? not sure. But I applaud myself to pick up where I left of from DAY 1.

Glance through my corrected-by-lecturer paper. Trying to make out the scribbles by reading aloud. Got the picture. Knew some of the comments (as expected) would be added.

Now back to N3. I open N3. I peel one layer and gave my neutral observation accompanied with question marks and at the same time, my brain is working where I should locate the info to substantiate the explanation. My other part of brain is also on the look-out for weird cases / layers. Weird meaning not negatively strange but stood out waiting to be included in my scribbles.

N1-N3 Puts head-shots of themselves. Added additional pictures like parents picture, friends pictures. Assume – the pictures shows them being the individual which they want to potray as. Sense of belonging. This sense of ownership heightens with favourite movie, favourite items, favourite quotes, personalised cursor (created by individual) embedded into the the blog layout.

2.00pm Updated my play-list. continue…

N4-N6 – At this juncture, these blogs share similar traits. There will be picture(s) of the blogger, pictures of favourite items, pictures of items that represent blogger and quote(s) that reflect the blogger situation or character. I dare say all these scream “THIS IS MY SPACE. I WANT TO DECORATE IT TO HOW I FEEL LIKE IT.”

On the other hand, the choice of font type, the font size and even the font colour differs in objective. It didn’t reflect it is my favourite colour or even the font shows me. REASON being: N1-N6 shares the same font-type except one that uses a different font (again not enough proof to show that font type represent the blogger). The font-type is the one provided by the blog function. Chosen font colour is due to situation like due the background is dark, therefore, colour should be a contrast one. OR if there is a need to emphasis the word, the chosen colour would be different. One can only identify character related font if it is via handwriting

N7 (IC) didn’t have the same traits of previous Ns. NO PICTURE OF N7, NO PICTURE OF FAVOURITE ITEMS, NO TITLE FOR THE BLOG, NO QUOTE, NO DESCRIPTION OF PROFILE. The number of entries-10. The minimum number of entries requested from the assignment. The content of the entries … (is another story)

N8 (IC) has personalised title, head-shot of N8, pictures of N8 friends, favourite pictures of N8 but the number of entries is 5. This is way below the minimum number of requirement. The content of the entries … (is another story)

N9-N10 no IC like N7and N8.

-currently listening to my radio-blog playlist-


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