DAY 7: “Konsepsi”

I am struggling with the term “conceptual framework”. As I have earlier mentioned, the conceptual framework which I designed for my research is a joke. This is equivalent to “I-don’t-know-what-are-you-trying-to-do”. I have been searching high and low, far and near on what is conceptual framework even before I submit my paper.

Click on the thumbnail to see what my CF looks like.


OK. I research again on CF. Trying to look at other samples of CF. I am very slow here.

Good research means asking the right questions. And choosing the right questions requires a conceptual framework of the broader environment.

Taken from

It seems that most conceptual framework is based on a model. You can either take some model or you can design on your own. At the end, it will be a model on how your research will flow. Right now, I pluck a few models in relevance to my focus; ASSURE Model, ARCS Model of Motivation, Gagne Principles, SOLO taxonomy?, BLOOM taxonomy.


jay chou


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