DAY 8: Personalise to learn, Learn to personalise

PLa3: Personalised Learning and Pupil Voice by Jean Rudduck, Nick Brown, and Lesley Hendy

This article elaborates on a project which set out to explore what the idea of personalised learning could usefully offer to schools. It brings out 6 “school” aspects which can be tied to personalisation.

i. personalisation and feedback

ii. personalisation and targets

iii. personalisation and pedagogy

iv. personalisation and mentoring

v. personalisation and rewards

vi. personalisation and institutional responsibility

I realised personalisation is more than meets the eye. It is more of acknowledging the existence of an individual. It is more of not comparing the individual with the others. It is more of not putting the individual in the same group category. It is more giving compliment to the individual if he or she has done something right or wrong. It is more of writing down specific comments on the individual assignment. It is more of not thinking being the teacher, you always right. It is more of listening to their individual voices. It is more of remembering the individual’s name.

All these familiar methods / actions / practices are tied to one word: PERSONALISATION.


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