Elven Blood

I am addicted to digital games. I don’t often play them. But once one is shoved to me, you can kiss time, and my attention and my focus goodbye!! Of course, the aftermath of the whole thing will be “self guilt”. Recently, I was shoved to another game after receiving tonnes of invites from my friends in FACEBOOK.

ELVEN BLOOD – a RPG game. Somehow is more addictive than the other BLOOD series. Maybe, I am a sucker for medieval fantasy type game. In this game, there are many levels. You have to fight with tasks to collect points for your experience to level up. Along the way, there are items to collect and buy to increase your defense and attack points. I admit that I am very bad in deciding whether to level up my defense or attack points. You can also declare war on other players to collect gold and experience. The higher the level the opponent, the more stamina you need to attack.

Not to forget, you need to ask people to join your team. Certain tasks need an amount of party. The larger the party, the stronger your position. Anyway, I have been following tips from experience players. There are many players who blog their journey. Just google it up!

All right, back to my imagery world of ELVEN BLOOD.


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