Class Log: July 08, 2009

The class started at 12 noon.

It was a 3-hours class.

I was excited to meet this cohort as there is always something different from each cohort.

There is a noticeable difference.

There are MORE boys than girls.

The students are the usual loud, vivacious lot.

Prof.RM officiated the class with her teaching philosophy: PLeASE (I think I may have got the capitals mix-up again!)

List of items which she imparted:-
1. 21st century skills
2. 21st century kids
3. Web 2.0 tools (a little teaser)
4. Transformation – Reiber, Welliner (1989) : Familiarization, Utilization, Integration, Reorientation, Evolution
5. Reflection : Content, Process, Learning
6. Learning through Modelling (peer-to-peer modelling besides teacher-student modelling *sweat*)
7. Pedagogical change
8. ICT immersion
9. Philosophy and belief

I almost forgot
10. 12c-s of smart learning environment

These are indeed a list-ful

Next came the horror of horrors, assignments.

So far I only covered Assignment 1 and Assignment 2.

In my personal honest opinion, assignments are FUN.

Anyway, I am not the exam-type person.

Saved the best for last: Assignment 3

Of course, there is the 1st task: getting to know every student via learner profile and later upload the form in the Learner Profile folder in Windows Group Live.

Deadline: July 10, 2009

Well, I am waiting in anticipation in how personalized the learning space / eportfolio of these students and their 1st reflection.

Surprised me!


3 thoughts on “Class Log: July 08, 2009

  1. Cohort 4 has a lot of students who is really good at ICT. I am not really one of them but I am learning. This course made me to learn all these things which I ignored most of the time because of the hassle of setting things up. But I guess I had no choice but to do it now since I am force to. BUT I AM ENJOYING IT! Thank you for teaching us.

  2. Hi Doreen, I am sure you are one of them (though u declare you are not) People who tend to say this are people who will be expert in end ^.^

  3. haha.. Serious I am not… I am experimenting here and there and clicking here and there to learn how to do it. But definately I want to do well in the end. =)

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