IMHO:Philosophy, belief


What is your teaching philosophy?

That was my examination question for a course in the Masters level.

Simple as it sounds, to write something worthy of the question and of something that reflects your passion is DIFFICULT (especially when you have only 1 hour left..clock ticking)

During today’s lesson, I told the students to take time to think about it.

The teaching philosophy is what
value, principles I strongly believe in and it shapes my style of
teaching and keeps me from swaying to the supposedly other side of the
fence due to unavoidable factors like the school administration, and their policy etc .

When I started teaching back in 2001, I have never thought of this "teaching philosophy", and I wasn’t even told about it during my varsity years. For the next seven years, I was teaching without a written "teaching philosophy". In other words, an invisible "teaching philosophy". During the seven years, I know I have to do my job well is to make sure my students understood what I have taught. If they do not understand, I would feel weird. It pushed me to come out with methods, resources even to better myself to make the students understand better. Yes, it become my benchmark, my standards. I am my worst critic. Man, teaching in that process, I felt, was difficult.

By the way, during the examination, I gave a cliched answer.
This is what happens when you were under the stress factor.

To know more about teaching philosophy, and belief, read this article:



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