EXTRACT: Portfolio CheckLIST

This is
at 09 July 2009

We will
know if we have successfully integrated ePortfolio processes into everyday
practice if our learners say:

my personal development and progression

By working
on my ePortfolio I have had to think about what information about myself that I
should should put into the public domain, what I just want to share with my
teachers and what I want to keep private for myself;

I find that
I can easily record my plans, my thoughts about my learning, my development and
my achievements;

I can use
my ePortfolio to store evidence of my Personal Learning and Thinking Skills;

I can use
my ePortfolio to store evidence of what I can do outside of school and of
things that I have achieved, but have not got a certificate for;

ePortfolio has made me more interested in my work;

ePortfolio gives me enough space to store all the stuff I want;

It provides
me with a structure that I can use to store multimedia evidence – audio, video
and photographic formats, in addition to written evidence;

It makes it
easy for me to search for my evidence, and lets me present it in an interesting

I think
that other people will understand me better when they can see how I think and
reflect on what I have done, learnt or achieved;

It has
provided me with a digital record/story that shows how I have developed, like a
timeline of my studies;

Using my
ePortfolio helped me to prepare for interview/review meetings;

I can keep
my ePortfolio when I move on to college/university or get a job;.

ePortfolio impressed the potential employers that I showed it to, as it helped
them recognise the positive attitude that I have towards my work, helping me to
stand out from the competition;

I believe
that my ePortfolio helped me when I was searching for a job, as my employers
were impressed by the depth and breadth of my work;

When I
wanted to start my own business, my ePortfolio helped me show to funding
organsiations that I have the right attitude and skills and it helped me get
their initial backing and help;

It shows me
at my best.

personal communication skills

I find it
easier to capture multimedia evidence using digital devices than it is to write
down what I have planned, done or achieved;

It has
helped me to become a better writer, and to get my ideas across to others by
using varying forms of media;

I find it
helps me to remember and explain what I have done when I have to talk to my
teacher or other students;

ePortfolio has helped us to give feedback on each other’s work;

ePortfolio is good for showing my progress to other people;

ePortfolio helps me to be confident;

ePortfolio gives me new ways of presenting my work using technology;

ePortfolio helps me to show people what I’m really good at.

and Working with others

It means
that my teachers and mentors take more interset in me as an individual and I
feel comfortable knowing that they are following my progress, offering advice,
support and guidance when they think I need it;

I find it
easy to access my web-based portfolio at home and can let the people I have
allowed see the evidence that I decide that I want them to see;

is a good thing.  I can think about the
opinions others have about my work and then build upon their ideas to improve
my own work;

I find it
useful to store my portfolio evidence that my teachers need to assess in my

I have
enjoyed sharing evidence of what I have done, achieved, or created with others;

ePortfolio is good to do things with other students;

ePortfolio tells me about what my friends are learning;

It is my
digital theatre – where the audience is by invitation only.

and creativity

I enjoy
using my camera phone, iPod, computer and social software to help me to develop
my ePortfolio;

ePortfolio helps me to be creative;

I enjoyed
showing my ePortfolio to my parents and tutor during my review meeting and they
were pleased with what I had produced;

I have
enjoyed customising and working on the organisation of my ePortfolio as it
helps people who look at it to get to know something about me, my character and

I am proud
of my ePortfolio because it is something that I feel that I own;

It provided
me with an opportunity and a reason to experiment with, and to be creative with
multimedia tools;

At home, my
parents take more notice of my schoolwork through my ePortfolio.

my learning

By thinking
about or reflecting on what I have learnt, what I have found difficult, what I
have done well, I think that I understand a little more about myself and what I
can do, and by thinking about my abilities, experiences, qualities and skills I
can see how I have progressed and what I have achieved, so I can plan what I
need to do to improve;

When I have
new evidence to store in my ePortfolio I have to look at the evidence that I
already have in it and decide where my new evidence should be stored and how it
should be linked in, which helps me understand a little more about myself and
how I have learnt and developed;

I think
that my teacher now spends more time talking to me about my learning,
achievements and planning which has helped me and made me think more about what
I have done and what I should do;

I need only
store a piece of evidence once but I can use it for different purposes and
subject based assessments;

ePortfolio helps me think more about my own learning;

ePortfolio makes me take more care with my work;

My ePortfolio
helps me be better organised in my work;

ePortfolio has helped me understand my work better;

ePortfolio has made me pleased with my progress;

ePortfolio has helped me to learn;

My ePortfolio
forced me to do things that teachers would have done for me.



ePortfolio helps me to plan how to improve;

ePortfolio helps me judge whether I have improved over time;

When I
reflect upon my work, I can decide which items are still relevant or no longer

By working
on my ePortfolio, I have practised and developed ICT and multimedia skills
which I can now use in other subject areas too;

I can work
on my ePortfolio when and wherever I want to;

I find the
ePortfolio tools easy and intuitive use, as I did not need  a lot of help or teaching before I found that
I could use it.


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