Class Log: July 29, 2009

Today class was mainly about storyboard, and the video assignment.

Dr. Chin did touched on ADDIE and ASSURE models – 2 ID models

Then it was going round the class asking any problem with the video, how is the storyboard going on.

I come with ONE VERY LONG CONCLUSION which I do NOT intend to summarize.

Things to take note when shooting a movie.

1. When it involves real person being filmed, make sure, the person looks and sounds FRESH, HAPPY and ENERGETIC.
    — For ladies, put a little make up, at least some foundation and a dab of lipstick.
    — For guys, comb your hair and shave. No After-5 look.
    — SMILE!!
    — Don’t PRETEND to SMILE.
    — Don’t PRETEND to sound HAPPY.
    — HAPPY like you are really enthusiastic and happy.

2. When it involves real person being filmed, make sure the person wears proper clothes, not some BORING GREY, COLOUR-WORN clothes.
    — but proper clothes doesn’t mean a coat / a tie / kebaya.

3. When it involves taking pictures of your created environment for filming purposes, make sure there is enough light.

4. When it involves filming pictures of your created environment for filming purposes, make sure there is enough light and also NO NOISE

5. When it involves filming glove puppets / paper drawn puppets, enlists help from FRIENDS for VOICE, MOVEMENT, CAMERA.

6. I heard most of you TORRENT!, so TORRENT mp3s for the video which do not sound too rock-ish / lame / cheesy.

7. Do not put too MANY songs in the video. It will be PAINFUL for the ears.

8. DO THE STORYBOARD. Some were asking "Is storyboard necessary?"
    Yes, it is so very important.
    Now why is it so very important.
    a. You will make MISTAKES – re-shot every frame – because you depend on the BRAIN.
    Don’t get me wrong. If you are TIRED, the BRAIN tend to make mistakes.
    I will rather DRAW it all out.
    But someone say " I don’t how to draw."
    You don’t need to be good in drawing.
    You just need to sketch it out.
    Put little notes next to every frame. e.g. this scene 2 seconds…mebe the words, it will be here.
    b. You can imagine and see the movement of the video on the paper.
    — Then it is easier for you to add or delete a scene.
    — Easier for you to explain to your friends if you need opinion from them.

All right, I hope I have covered most items but I got the funny feeling I may have left out some.


23 thoughts on “Class Log: July 29, 2009

  1. ya, i agree this class log is helpful in video making..thanks Ms.Ng.. Guess most of us have got a better idea on how to create an interesting video..

  2. Thank you so much ms..those ideas and tips were indeed useful and beneficial..I will keep them in mind..thanks a lot for sharing ms!

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