Reviewed01:Quality in Qualitative Evaluation

Last week, I missed class (as I was down with a bout of flu)

Knew that Prof. M (PM) gave us an assignment which sounds like this:-

“To search articles regarding of these:

  1. Issues on Quality of the Qualitative Research in Education.
  2. Quality and Qualitative Research.

In general, look at the quality aspect or issues. Find articles which related to the research finding based on these issues. “

I also found out my new team mate is Cekgu I (CI), someone whom I am very familiar with and very glad to work with.

CI emailed a few articles which he came across and two of them were given the thumbs up by PM. I told CI that I can contribute some of my input on his findings (besides searching for mine). I am also using his pass-articles as a benchmark for searching of my own ones.

OK. Back to the article.

One of the articles: Quality of Qualitative Evaluation: A framework for assessing research evidence.

This report provided a thorough framework, I would say a very comprehensive checklist / rubric in guiding a researcher to evaluate the quality of qualitative research. The framework can be used to assess the outputs of qualitative inquiry – such as reports, papers and journal articles. Now the framework is structured based on a set of FOUR principles which in turn identify 18 appraisal questions to aid the assessment. The questions include the main features and processes involved in qualitative enquiry. The questions were arranged according to the different stages of the research process (design, sampling, data collection, analysis and reporting) and also cover some general features of research conduct (reflexivity and neutrality, ethics and auditability). At the end, it would serve as maintaining a standard for qualitative research

Here is a sample of the framework:

I would say the provided framework is brilliant as it helps the researcher to ensure his / her qualitative issues are sorted out efficiently or even for the reader, like me to evaluate a good qualitative research.

Kudos to CI for finding an amazing article.

To download the report, click on the title of the report.


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