SAMPLE1:Talking about Reflection Week 6: Digital Storytelling Workshop

Sample 1: POV from the a PKEY student:Jong as the participant of the workshop


Reflection Week 6: Digital Storytelling Workshop

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you..
it says: ‘Digital Story Telling Workshop’ lah
Yes, yesterday’s technology class has been presented in the form of a workshop and it was wonderfully informative and beneficial for me. Truly appreciate what Prof. Maznah and our tutors (not forgetting the facilitators! =)) went through just to get this workshop running smoothly for us.
Ms Mazlina who exposed us to PhotoScape & Audiocity
We’ve been introduced to three amazing software/programmes during the wowrkshop: PhotoScape, Audiocity, and Photo Story 3. I’m absolutely certain that these software would enhance the quality, creativity, and authenticity of our video productions. I especially liked the functions of Audiocity as it is a software that not only helps modify selected audio files, but also has additoin sound effects to be added into the audio files.

Ms Siti Zarina who exposed us to Photo Story 3

I find the hands-on session very useful as it grants each and every one of us participants the opportunity to explore and manipulate the softwares. I felt that this session crucial as it allows the raw input to be ‘processed’ by us, and from there, the output (our product) could speak volumes as to how much we have digested from the input, as well as showing our personal creativity and proficiency in manipulating ICT. I think this practice should be carried out not only for this particular class, but should be reflecting in our teaching and learning process as we go out to schools in the near future.
hands-on: participants engrossed with the software programmes
All in all, i could really envision myself employing these softwares in the future (and even for personal purposes!). As i reflected upon the six weeks i’ve ventured into this course, i could say that i’ve phrased from a ‘techno-phobic‘ to a ‘techno-enthuse‘, all thanks to our knowledgeable tutors. I’d say technology is here to stay, whether we like it or not. We just have to manipulate it to our best advantage and not fall behind in this blooming IT era.
One of the volunteers: Hayat with his video – ‘Peace, No War’
I was quite amazed by the abilty of some my friends to come up with a production as we were given less than an hour to work with the softwares. I also salute their bravery and willingness in volunteering to present and share their production with everyone.
a few of us with two of the worksop speakers: Ms Mazlina & Ms Caroline 
To conclude, i’d say this is one of the most satisfying 3-hour class i’ve ever attended. I’ve gained much from the workshop and i’d like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU! to all who has very kind-heartedly contributed to the success of this workshop.

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