Sample2:Talking about Digital Storytelling Workshop(DSW)

Sample 2: POV from the a PKEY student:Ismael as the facilitator of the workshop


Digital Storytelling Workshop(DSW)


It is the most suitable word that signifies my feeling after the workshop.

As planned, the workshop ran smoothly on 12th of August 2009. It was organized by DST Students who are majoring in Instructional Technology. Although we have met before, this particular session helped us to know them better as we were tutored on three new softwares for three hours. The workshop were broken into two concurrent sessions as there were not enough PCs for the whole cohort in one lab. I  was appointed to be one of the facilitators.

After attended the mock workshop in the previous two weeks, honestly I was a bit disappointed. It was partly because my high expectations were not met. However, the real workshop proved to be the beneficial one! I benefited as much as others do. It was because during mock workshop time wasn’t in favour of us therefore they had to rush. Eventually, not much we could acquire. Nevertheless, I was more than glad for they actually showed us evidences of their claim that those three sofwares namely Photoscape, Audacity and Photostory were very easy, interesting and less time consuming. Much to our delight that those softwares might come in handy for our video project. No wonder the team got the green light to carry out the workshop for us during PKEY3101 slot!

I was impressed as everything was much better. Probably, by comparing the two sessions, it would be unfair. Now, let’s look into the real workshop. What I love most was that all instructions were very clear. The facilitators especially Miss Mazlina did quite well in explaining and demonstrating the uses and features of Photoscape and Audacity. She even could afford to repeat certain steps! That showed how ample time did we have.

Next, what I like so much about the workshop was the flow of the training went very smoothly. There were no hiccups or troubles. Most of us were not disappointed with the speed of the presentation. Although repetitions happen at times, it did not really distract the flow of the training.

About the first software, Photoscape; it is very  different from any free photo-editing software. The features are user-friendly and interesting. What more when we have hundreds of features in a free software, it is worthwhile spending our time. Miss Mazlina managed to guide us through most of the features that Photoscape has to offer. Certain demonstrations even amazed few of us. I’m not really disappointed. However, personally, among the three new softwares, Audacity proved to be the less interesting software. Probably the lack of interest in audio-editing is due to my  personal reason of disliking the type of editing. Unevitably, there is no way out. Some way or other, I must master the skill in order to enrich my ICT skills. Lastly, I was quite sceptical of this latest software; Photostory 3 for Windows(to be installed in my PC). At first I thought that software must have been so simple with lack of even basic features. I was wrong at the end. Frankly, the sofware is interesting too. We could create very fun and educational videos using that easy software.

As I have mentioned above, I was very satisfied. Everything went smoothly. I can’t wait to explore myself and make creative videos using these three amazing softwares.

p/s-for further visual explaination of the workshop, please watch this video below. TQ..

YouTube – DSW


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