Cool functions to edit your photos:

Found this website: Big Huge Labs with lots of weird online-functions to edit your photos:-

tried one function: Jigsaw. Verdict. FUN!!


4 thoughts on “Cool functions to edit your photos:

  1. This is interesting! It would have taken years for us to create a jigsaw puzzle but with this, we only need to upload our pictures and voila, it is done. Hey, I can recommend this to Jong…she wants to do jigsaw puzzle for the kit….=D

  2. Haha.. thanks ms & Caryn! Might insert/suggest this link/software inside the video-kit instead of creating it into hard-copy.. that\’ll be a (quoting ms Ng) \’HERCULEAN\’ task ;p

  3. Wow..this is very cool..Thank you so much Ms Ng.I think it might become handy for our video kits\’ activities by just using photos/digital images.

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