From Sakila:Talking about Must read article…

 Came across this reading in Sakila’s entry . A brillant find


Must read article…

Hello friends, this is a good article on issues and principles in integrating ICT in Malaysia. I feel this is important because as future teacher we need have this general knowledge of ICT to make all the aims and policies come true and thus achieve our goals in creating digital citizen.

Integrating ICT and Other Technologies in Teacher Education: Trends, Issues and Guiding Principles

By Jonathan Anderson, Flinders University of South Australia

Below is the extract from the article…..

"Countries in the region are at different stages in adopting national policies relating to ICT in education and also have different levels of resources to devote to such policies. Three country reports included in a SEAMEO document on pre-service teacher training and professional development in the use of ICT illustrate the diversity in the region (Downes et al. 2003). The country report for Malaysia notes that the Prime Minister announced his Vision 2020 for Malaysia in 1992 and in 1994 unveiled a plan for a multimedia Super Corridor, which involved the development of Smart Schools. The first of these Smart Schools came online three years later with the aim that by 2010 all schools in Malaysia will be Smart Schools. An Outline Perspective Plan for 2001-2010 aims to:

  • Develop a quality workforce that is knowledgeable with highly tuned thinking skills, is able to use technology and new resources optimally to combine creativity and innovation effectively and has a diversity of skills and knowledge in the use of ICT.
  • Educate students so they are knowledgeable and ICT literate and able to use technology for the betterment of themselves, their communities and their nation. (Downes et al. 2003, p. C5).

Do read and together change our nation into ICT native…


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