Talking about my ideal classroom….:)

Highlight: Read Sakila’s dream on her Ideal classroom.  


my ideal classroom….:)

My ideal classroom and how it would be…it may not possible but this is what I wish to have…
Teaching and learning in the 21st century, an ICT-driven age, are undergoing innovations as a result of the changing demands in the education enterprise. Classrooms have become more inclusive with respect to the diverse needs of gender, cultural and individual differences. Also classrooms have become largely ICT integrated and the run is towards effective use of ICT materials to enhance learning and teaching. So, definitely my classroom will be equipped with ICT tools.
There would be a computer with internet access for every student. I would also have Adobe Photoshop on each computer so students could learn to do digital scrapbooking. Of course it would have Microsoft Office on them also for word processing and PowerPoint presentations. I would also have the WYNN program and Test Talker program on computers for students with severe reading problems. My classroom would have a  smart board which would be an interactive board for my lessons. I would also have a large TV for showing movies that go with my lessons . I would also have a large kitchen unit with sink, stove, oven, microwave, washer, dryer and dishwasher to teach life skills. There would also be an attached bathroom so students didn’t have to wander the halls in order to use the bathroom. My classroom would also have a phone in it to use to call parents if there are any behavior problems. I would have individualized lessons for each student according to their needs. This hopefully would keep them engaged in order to prevent behavior problems.
"Colors best suited for classrooms reduce agitation, apprehension and promote a sense of well-being. In brief, colors that reduce tension and anxiety produce a home-like atmosphere, in contrast to an "institutional" one. This corresponds with Educational Design Principle No. 7: "Consider Home as a Template for School." Wall colors are important; the hanging of artwork in various colors will not significantly compensate for otherwise monotonous or disagreeable wall colors. "Institutional white," although acceptable for some ceilings, is a common wall color choice that has little justification for widespread use. "
I came across this quotation when I was searching online on how an ideal classroom should be. I feel that colours of the classroom actually important to decide the mood and atmosphere of the students. Therefore, I will try to have my classroom in nice bright colours. —> This link tells us the best way to display resources in the classroom. In my classroom, one of the most important thing that I will definitely display is the students’ work and also photograph of theirs which they want to share. It can be either theirs or also their family photograph. I feel this way, students able to feel much more at home and able to create the environment.
I will  groom my students to be tolerant, morally upstanding, curious, and responsible. They are growing up in a world full of intolerance, war, advertising, and technology. It is my job, as an English educator, to use texts and conversations as a tool to guide these students to make their own decisions, and to form their own well-informed beliefs. Therefore, materials or resources will not only focus on the aspect of inteligence but also aesthetic and moral aspects and not forgetting to incorporate ICT in my teaching.
To manage my students, i feel classroom discipline is important. I will setup a few rules and regulations like those at home and these rules will be taken under agreement of all the students. I feel this way the students will feel responsible towards the rules that they had created.
Hope this will make my classroom an ideal one…how about yours????

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