Talking about Musing On My Ideal Classroom

 A poem: My ideal classroom by Aaron Lee 


Musing On My Ideal Classroom

I have a simple dream about my ideal classroom

For I wish I have only 11 pupils in a class

11 pupils enough to build a football team

Easy to look after, easy to facilitate, easy to manage

I talk, and they must keep quiet and listen.

While I am idle, I want them to express their ideas freely

I dream of interactive classroom, but not as noisy as night market

For the environment in tranquility, I believe they can learn better

Once in a while, I play a song to entertain my pupils

Stories and tales are not to be missed.


The class I dream of is under a big tree in the beautiful garden

You can hear birds are chirping and small stream running through

For 11 of them, they are my friends

So just call my name, and I will be there to guide you

They complain of exhausted, I will motivate and encourage them

Pupils neither quit nor give up in learning

I believe they have their own potential and thus succeed in life

They complain tired again? Let’s have fun!

Together we pluck fruits and eat together

Go fishing, bird-watching, and playing chess


Breathing a fresh air in the beautiful garden, what a blissful life!

For my class is not out-of-date

I dream each of them will have a mini laptop

as small as exercise book with ‘powermyx’ connection, not streamyx.

With super-duper speed connection, I want to create a blog for my class

Free topic and free submission, let your creativity soar high like an eagle.

We share; we connect, and learn together!

No punishment, but loving tender care

For this ideal classroom, it can happen!

Only I go and take a nap now.




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