Talking about My ~Ideal Classroom~ = Make it a reality!

An interesting design and focus on DESUGGESTOPEDIA by Najwa. She has also share a software on building an IDEAL CLASSROOM.


My ~Ideal Classroom~ = Make it a reality!

Salam and hi guys!!

Now, we come to an interesting topic of all which I love so much,
this topic gives me the chance to dream of my own ideal classroom which
I want it to become a reality in the future…
My ideal classroom will integrate the three basic principle in language teaching
which are:

Desuggestopedia + Total Physical Response + Communicative Language Teaching = My Ideal Classroom

Of course, if possible, I want to integrate all the principle that I have learned in current learning of language
learning, but I try to make it possible to be done by teachers and also by me as future teacher. Thus, I have
chosen these three principles to be the basis of my created ideal classroom.

First and foremost, my classroom should be big and not just big but have three separate rooms in one LARGE
room. Or I can say 3 in 1. This is because towards the realization of my ideal classroom it will take some spaces
to give the students optimum learning condition.

Picture speaks louder than words… So, I think it is better if I scratch out the idea in form of picture below
on how my ideal classroom are going to look like.

As you all can see, my ideal classroom is divided into 3 rooms and each of the room
has its own use. The biggest rooms is the main room where the students
and teacher which is me are going to be. Here the students are seated at their desk
which was prepared with a laptop and also headset. This is to be used by students
when necessary. I will not allow the students to open the laptop while I am teaching as it will distract
their learning. The laptop and head set will be used in post activities or for additional

Besides, this main room also included some posters with bright colours hanging on the wall
and also teacher plays some musics to cooperate the learning. As suggested in desuggestopedia,
through this, teacher will give the impression that learning is easy and enjoyable to the students.
They will enjoy the learning as much as possible. Teacher also encourage peripheral learning as
the pupils will see the posters and their handwork pasted on the wall everyday. Teacher need to change
the posters every week to update with the learning.

As you all can see, this main classroom is also provided with science lab at the back of the class. This lab
comprises with all the necessary tools including the fume cupboard, corner store cupboard, cupboard with
plants, slow worm tank, skeleton, telescope and sinks to support learning. Students will experience
hands on learning while having their science lesson going on at the same time. Talking about Total Physical Response,
it is all about experiencing it. By having the lab in a classroom, teacher just need to demonstrate and have the students
do it on heir own. this will give better understanding in the subject learned. However, teacher needs to
lock up all the tools or hazardous substances in order to avoid accidents in the classroom. Teacher needs
to ensure the students safety while handling the tools and substances in the lab.

As for the learning, teacher uses the principle of Communicative Language Learning as a basis.
Teacher encourage the students to talk and having their conversation in the target language as to make
them used to the language learned. Besides, in order to increase the understanding and make them
love the language, there is the second room which is the reading room. In the reading room,
my class has book racks, cushions and also soundproof booth. This room is to give the students the
chance to read and improve their language in their free time. While the soundproof booth is for the
students to listen to audio and improve their pronunciation of words.

Hmmm.. that is a lot already… But, I have one more room attached to the main room. you all can see the third room is more likely like a gymnasium. It is consist of
plenty of tools which the students can play as they need exercises at least once a week.
Some of the tools provided are badminton net, climbing equipment,climbing wall,
punchbag, gym horse, table tennis and trampoline. There are also water cooler where students
can drink if they are thirsty after playing.

If I reflect back to my time, it is not at all the same with my current classroom in my primary school.
It is just like any other classroom with teacher’s table, students’ desk and chair and also blackboard.
I really hope that I could make my ideal classroom a reality as not only the students will enjoy but
I will also enjoy the condition as the teaching and learning process is going on in a fun and enjoyable

I will also need to implement some rules for my own ideal classroom like these:
1. Students cannot play with the chemical substances without teacher’s supervising.
2. Students need to take care of their own classroom’s cleanliness.
3. Students need to take turn to use the soundproof booth.

Hmm..that is all that I can think about… I think it is too ambitious right?
My ideal classroom will cost a lot of money..hehe… This ideal classroom
is only planned for one classroom and  I think that what I planned is like for the
whole school.. Hehe.. whatever it is, I really hope that my ideal classroom will be a reality
in the future…
Who knows, nothing is impossible, make the impossible be possible!

*p/s : anyone who want to try creating their own classroom, please try
this game at this website game-design your own classroom

The picture below are some other classroom that I designed.. hehe..
just playing around…

This one have a drama stage room. Quite fun too…

This one emphasizes on sports room or gymnasium..

This one, I designed it using this website , Try it out!

Hmm.. I also have some links to the ideal classroom.

I think that’s all for now. pen off! Take care.


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