Talking about Sayonara – PKEY3101

A farewell letter from Abdul Hakim


Sayonara – PKEY3101

8B,Lot 39,

Jalan Pauh Pungah,

Kampung Malaysia Raya,

57100 Sungai Besi,

Kuala Lumpur


25th October 2009


Dear PKEY3101,

                    How are you doing? I hope you had been doing well. I am doing just fine over here. It’s been a while since the last time we met yeah? Did you remember we took pictures will all the other members and lecturers? It was really fun. The reason I wrote this letter to you is to say thank you, for being an eye-opener for me. Having the oppurtunity to meet you during this semester really had been a great experience for me. You had trained me a lot. The evil 21st century learning is coming, but do I scared of them now? NO I don’t Pkey. I am not scared of them anymore, all of it because of the knowledge I had gained from you. You are more than a trainer.

                    The experience being in the Live Boot camp – E-Portfolio style, really gives me the sense of belonging. During this camp that I had been trained together with my fellow Fighters, who, in the name of Education, strive towards victory of knowledge. It is in this camp, that my fellow Fighters had assessed me, and not just me, together we give comments and share knowledge, so that together we march forward. And this comments and not merely just saying it out loud, our trainers had taught us that, it must be constructive, and there we have it. Through this peer and self assessment, I was able to leap to a better person, not just to own self, but also to the others. It gives me and the others the opportunities to work hand-in-hand, train together and advance together.

                    I know that I was being skeptical towards Live Boot camp all this while, but, I got a pretty big thumbs up to be given to it now, and also to all our die-hard lecturers, Prof.Raja Maznah, Ms Ng, Dr. Chin, Ms Sakina, Mr Hafiz, Ms Marsyitah, a caps locked THANK YOU to all of you. Thank you for being patience with me, although I am not much of a help this semester, but with all the know-how and knowledge more valuable than diamonds provided by all of you, I think I just got a new rifle and kevlar suit, ready to get dirty in the Teaching Battefield.

                     I think that is all for now. Hope to meet you again in future. Insyaallah.


Yours truly,

abdul hakim ali bin abdul aziz






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