SL02:Exploring 21st Century Learning Applications…FOR REAL!!

Today is another session. 6PM SL time.

What is it about? Here is the excerpt taken from ISTE NING event:

Master’s students from the Education Media Design & Technology program at Full Sail University talk about their year long study in learning and applying new media tools such as MUVE sites like Second Life. Other topics may include Gaming strategies and assessments (Quest Atlantis/Virtual Villagers/Spore), media design for web such as Flash interactive creation, and a short discussion of the characteristics needed to ensure success in your classroom or corporate training environment. Jen DeWitt Kubeczko (Jen Shieldmaiden) and Margaret Campbell (Pogie Zietlich) host this lively discussion.


While waiting I was chatting with my newly found SL friend: Placebo from Wellington, NZ (who is a language technologist) and Jotaum from Brazil (who research on cyber Law)


Things I have learnt from this talk:

1. Machinima – a neologism based on the phrase machine cinema. The term is used to distinguish between traditional animation techniques (which use specialized 3D animation software) and animation projects that record the action in real-time interactive 3D environments, such as single-player video games or Second Life. (taken from SL Wiki)

Below is a sample work of machinima

There are more. Just go this link:

A whole collection of video created from the process machinima

2. Using (World of warcraft) WOW to do assessment. it is hard for me to visualise eventhough I have played the game before. Read more here.

3. As long you have any virtual platform, be it SL or virtual villagers or QuestAtlantis, you are good as go to do machinima. If I am not mistaken, one of the speakers did this machinima project at her school situated in a rural area where students have never seen even an escalator or the ocean. It was bit by bit, step by step. At the end of the process, the students received new skills and felt smarter.

3. Loads of web 2.0 links to support Machinima

– Check out the web 2.0 applications both speakers used for the project. You need to filter some of the tags though.

More resources by Jen and Margaret



By the way, you can view the conversation from here: LC_SL02

You might find it a little bit challenging to decipher the conversation because these chats were typed while we were listening to the presentation. It is unfortunate the talk was not recorded.


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