SL03:SLoodle at Cypris

Today, I go to SLOODLE island and stumble upon Cypris Chat. Cypris Chat is managed by Prof. Merryman (SL) from Japan. He has actually incorporated MOODLE and SL in his classes about a year already and getting good response from the students. The amazing thing was he did it on his own in terms of the set-up of SL and MOODLE, of course with FireCentaur (SL) helping him in the programming part. Anyway, I was given a thorough tour around the area.

image image

There are steps to follow for the students. He has no problem getting the students participating because of the reward-point system.

image image

The room(LEFT PIC) is where the students submit their assignments.

Another room or better known as the HOLODECK (RIGHT PIC) allows the teachers to choose any scenes for their classes. Overall there are about 100 scenes. There will be new ones. Currently, he working on a murder-mystery type scene. Scripting, programming etc are done. What is left is the story.


This is the aquarium scene where it can be used for a science class. There are two levels to this scene. If you want to get out of the scene, just type CLEAR (lower case) in the chat box, and you are back. How awesome is that!! Neat!!


Here is where the students submit assignments via notes. Once submitted, their submission will automatically appear in the MOODLE-submission for assignments. So you don’t have to log out and go back to moodle. Saves all the hassle. It appears all these activities connecting SL and MOODLE has a PLUG-IN. Prof. Merryman mentioned that the PLUG-IN is pretty stable.


Before I left, here he shows a quiz system. To add to the level of competitiveness, every right answer will allow your chair to move higher. If you are wrong, the chair stays still. After the whole thing, the score will be added to the score chart automatically. A simple gaming that can be used to stimulate motivation.


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