Today is another enlightened workshop on using Scratch to create scripts for SL. The venue is at VSTE and the session is conducted by CoolestbeanBrunswick-CBB (SL). Here I learn basic scripting for 3 movements in an hour. Three movements in an HOUR is enough as it takes time to get the hang-of-it. Now what is scripting? Scripts are basically instructions something like CSS, where it can make your object do whatever you want (of course, within the limitation of the script)



I am there early as usual. 🙂


Crowds are coming in. So far 16 avatars are there. By the way, did you see the thing (with a white circle on it) at the far end after the board? It is called the HALO BOARD. It can project images edited from your PC to the audience in SL. Only the person who owns the HALOBOARD can do the projection. Anyway, I have one in my inventory. Thanks Coolest for allowing us to copy the object.



Now, we collect the items for the workshop. There are some example objects we can use for scripting.



CBB here is showing us how the scripting is being done using Scratch.


Here is how Scratch looks like. There are 8 categories (e.g. MOTION, LOOKS etc) with specific instructions and you can build a set of script by adding all these BLOCKS (from different categories). By the way it has to SCRATCH for SL. There is another SCRATCH which is not built for SL scripting. Then, once you have build up the script, click COPY LINDEN SCRIPT and transfer it to your SL by CREATING A NEW SCRIPT in SL. —> PASTE THE COPIED SCRIPT —–> SAVE THE SCRIPT ——> RIGHT CLICK ON THE OBJECT (which you want it to move etc) —–> CLICK TOUCH. Then the script is already “embedded” in your SL OBJECT.


It seems that you need to know what exactly you want the object to do. Then you start building the script. It is difficult for me cause I am still a newbie. Needs lots of practice and trial and error sort of things. During the session, I am lost for quite a while on the transferring the script to SL.


Anyway, CBB could come up with OBJECTS that can fly and create STAIRS at the same time. Awesome.

Verdict: Needs lots of practice for scripting. Learn about Scratch. Learn how to transfer script to SL. = AWESOME!!


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