SL06:Trip to RIT

About this time session:

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Island: Teaching Project Development Process & Tour. The Rochester Institute of Technology has been developing teaching projects within Second Life for the past two years in collaboration with faculty. Katie McDonald (SL: Katie Sismondi), Instructional Technologist at RIT, will present the process for development that RIT follows, an overview of the teaching projects that have been created, and lead a guided tour of the most recent teaching projects finished at RIT. Areas of accessibility solutions within RIT’s teaching

One word: AWESOME

Let’s go see why the session is most AWESOME


All of us gather at BANDSHELL, ISTE.


Then, we teleport to RIT island. I already like the layout. This is the orientation area where students are taught the basics of SL like how to add friends, how to change appearances, how to do this and that and also the most important how to sit on objects. They (coordinators) found out the students didn’t know how to sit on objects. So everybody was standing during classes. GRIN. See the picture below.


Anyway, the instructions were arranged accordingly. You can see the numbers and the arrows.


Next, we were lead to the amphitheatre where most of the classes are being held.


You can see the big screen with the slides and another transparent grey board. That is for the deaf students. Yep, RIT has quite a number for deaf students. So there is a line captioning system (a third party application – have to purchase) installed and projected simultaneously when the slides above are being displayed.


Here are pictures of different areas in RIT


This is what they have learnt so far when implementing SL in certain courses.

Later we were guided to three different locations for three courses.


FIRST: A physics class-setting where students are taught on physics stuff. So there were a lot of physics related items for students to test and proof certain theories and formula.


SECOND: A business class. This lecturer asked the students in teams to create their virtual business. So the students learn about branding, and marketing etc. Katie told us that the BUSINESS students had no experience whatsover on programming or on building stuff in SL. They were taught the basic stuff in a class. Katie and her team will tell them and also show them where to get FOC resources in SL cause of budget constraint in SL.


Here there are these buildings/ business such as business for online dating, selling skins and tattoos and textures for SL citizens (TAG-see below pic), and one is supporting cancer causes (SECOND HOPE—see above pic).



Here is another business class for the deaf students. The course is on economics system e.g. the type of economics and also the difference.


For this course in SL, there are role play settings. Since the audience is special, there are audios and note cards and live captioning. Each shop (15 of them)  in that area represents different economic system and there is a activity to this set of shops.

In this project, there will be three parties: SME (the lecturers), instructional technologists and the students. Katie team will coordinate between all three to provide the right environment for the course. Not only that, to try to convince SL is a fine platform to do certain aspects of pedagogy, showcase of samples from other courses are shown.of course, she also mentioned that not all can use SL to teach.

To learn more about the SL projects by RIT, go to these links:


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