There are lots of choices to choose from but a real bummer as the abstracts for every session is not put up (even though the speakers have already handed earlier). So choosing based on the title is rather difficult.

First session: 1am (SL time)

I choose to attend

Skoolaborate – Teens and teachers collaborating in a Virtual World: Exploring learning and subsequent heiristics used to make this global project project a success

Duration: 50 minutes

Speaker: Westley Field (RL) from Sydney Australia (click on his name for more info about what he is doing)

Moderator: Selby Evans (RL) Thinkerer Melville (SL)

Interesting thing(s): His project has been garnering students (teens say 14-16) from all parts of the world to sit together in SL and present and debate on issues. Students have been motivated with new-found skills and being leaders. He narrated one story on how this very introvert 15 year old girl (from an all-girl school) become so confident when she went through the project. It was not only SL, she was confident. She becomes confident in RL too.

Thing(s) wanted to ask: How is the presentation and debating session moderated?

Here are some print screens of the 1st session




Second session: 2 am (SL time)

I attend

Building the foundation for Second Life learning in New Zealand

Duration: 50 minutes

Speaker: Merle Lemon (RL) Briarmelle Quintessa (SL) from Auckland (click on her name for more info about what she is doing)

Moderator: CallieDel Boa

Interesting thing(s): Learning interviewing skills in SL. Learning what to wear for an interview in SL-the students were asked to choose a set of clothes from this huge room of clothes and were ask to do a catwalk at the holodeck (a must have). Students were given critique on the choice of clothes for the interview.

Here are some print screens of the 2nd session






here is a video on SLENZ

…to be continued.


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