vwbpe2010:day01 part 2

Third session: 6 am (SL time)

I choose to attend

Successful Approaches to Virtual World Education


Duration: 2 hours

Speaker:  Janyth Ussery (RL) JanythKU Techsan (SL)

A brief intro on the main speaker”:

Janyth Ussery is the Director of Web Education, Texas State Technical College and has been part of the Second Life Community 3+ years. She has 16 years educational experience including administration, instruction and online course development. Janyth is a virtual world trainer, course designer and instructor at TSTC and Vushi Learning Network and was recognized by the Texas Distance Learning Association – Outstanding Commitment to Excellence and Innovation in Distance Learning as an Individual Award Finalist for 2009.

Moderator: Elektra Panthar (SL)

Here are some snapshots of the session:-


Segregation Sim. Function to replicate the racism which happen back then. Whenever the students go to a store, cinema or the bus, there will be racist statements popping up.



Teach business dinner etiquette – the students didn’t know how to participate in a business dinner based on the complaints from the company. Came up with the idea of setting up a place to learn fine dining which includes how to dress up for the dinner. When the student sits, the view faces the layout of his portion (as seen in the picture above)




Classrooms where each classroom is fixed with “parcel the voice” where  you cannot hear voices from other nearby classes.


This setting is an active class.


Learning area sand box for multimedia communication class.


Projects by the students being displayed


Art projects – 20 titles. Students in groups choose 1 to research and present

…to be continued.


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