sl09:Rock your SL wardrobe with basic clothing creation


Today @ ISTE is a session on “re” designing your clothes meaning change colours and texture. Awesome session. Facilitator:Eliza Vanelten (SL)


We are given undershirt and underpants to start off with.



This is me changing the undershirt colour and also the underpants.



This is me changing the texture. A tip I learn, the higher the dimensions of the texture, the more detail the texture / pattern is and also it takes time to rezz.


Finally, we are given a project to do this with other clothes in our inventory. 🙂 and later pose for a group picture. Time taken for the project 10 minutes.


Can you find me? 🙂


Anyway here are some extra info from the notecard given by facilitator that might help you to try this texture and colour thingy for your clothes.

In SL, there are lots of options for clothing. Clothing comes in 2 types:
1. clothing that you wear as an attachment – could be hats, skirts, puffy sleeves, belts, shoes and boots, hoods, collars, or any number of other options
2. clothing that is created through Appearance, often referred to as "system" clothing. These pieces aren’t attached to a body part, rather, they are "painted" on (with the exception of the system skirt, which is a bit unique)
We are going to look at system clothing, and while it’s not the most detailed or sophisticated option considering all of the clothing shops around, it is practical, good in a pinch, and can be fun to play with!

The first thing you will need to do is go into Appearance. To do this, right-click on your avatar, and select Appearance. You will notice you go into a motionless state, ideal for dressing.

You will see the Appearance window open up for you, as well. Here you will see all of the many pieces and parts of your avatar that you can edit as you like. In the main part of the window, toward the right, is the section that is being edited at any given time, depending upon which category you have chosen. At the left, you see categories for "Body Parts" and for "Clothes", each with various sub-categories. The options for each will be displayed upon selection.
For the purposes of tonight’s workshop, we will be looking at the "Clothes" category.
These are all of the "system" pieces you can create and edit for your avatar. Sub-categories include Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Socks, Jacket, Gloves, Undershirt, Underpants, and Skirt. We will be looking at all of these with a fashion designer’s eye 🙂

One thing you need to understand before we begin is that system clothing is "painted" on your avatar in layers. On the top half of our avatar, we have undershirt – shirt – jacket, in order from bottommost layer to topmost layer.
On the bottom half of our avatar, we have underwear-pants-skirt, in order from bottommost layer to topmost layer.
On the legs/feet, we have socks-shoes, in order from bottommost layer to topmost layer.
And, on the arms, we have gloves.
This will make more sense once you go through them and experiment!

To get you started, we will edit your undershirt together so you get the feel for editing.
Click on "Undershirt" in the Clothes category on the left.

You will notice that the display section has changed to reflect the various values for undershirts. Each has 2 pictures representing opposite extremes of that value (ie. very short sleeves/very long sleeves). There is a slider beneath each value that you can move from side to side to change the look of the shirt from one extreme to the other. When you move the slider, the clothing item on your avatar will also reflect the change you’re making.

For the Undershirt, you can adjust the sleeve length, shirt bottom, collar front, and collar back.
Go ahead and take a couple of minutes to play with the slider to see the kinds of adjustments you can make. Find something you’re happy with for the purposes of this practice.

All right, I made our basic underwear red so you can easily see it, but that may not be your taste at all! Let’s spice it up a little – let’s add some different color or texture. Here’s how!

Let’s look at color first.
Click in the  box marked "Color-Tint". this will open the Color Picker window. You’ll see this again when you learn to build. SL uses it to apply color to everything you see in SL.
In the Color Picker, you can experiment with colors for your undershirt. Just click anywhere – on one of the color boxes in the 2 rows at the bottom, or anywhere on the color patch. Wherever you click, you will see the variations of that shade in the thin strip on the right of the window, from lightest at the top, to darkest at the bottom. Now click wherever you like in that strip, and you will see that color in the box marked "Current."
If you check the box "Apply Immediately" you will also see your undershirt change on your avi, and on the Appearance window’s pictures.
Play with this for a couple of minutes and see what you can come up with.
When you find a color you like, just click on "Select" to close the Color Picker window.

The second option is to choose a fabric or "TEXTURE".
Click on the box marked "Fabric." You will see the Texture Picker window open. This will show you all of the folders in your inventory that contain TEXTURES.
Scroll down to find the class folder.
To open it, click on the little arrow at the left of the folder name. You will see a folder marked "Torley Textures", and if you open it, you will see multiple folders full of textures. These are in SL courtesy of Torley Linden, who has made them freely available to everyone to use.
Choose any folder and open it. You will see a list of textures. To see what a texture looks like, highlight its name, and it will appear in the little box in the window. Again, if you have "Apply Immediately" clicked, you will also see it on your clothing, too.
**Remember, if you had a color selected, that will tint the texture with that shade. To return the clothing to its original white color so your texture isn’t tinted, go back to the Color-tint box to bring up the Color Picker again. Change the color back to white, and select it.
Sometimes, it’s fun to customize with textures and tints to get the look you want.

I want to give you saving instructions that you can go back to as you finish your project.

When you create clothing pieces, you have the choice to save individual items OR to save more than one item as an outfit.
Click on "Save as" to save an item. Name it so it’s not just called New Undershirt! Then Save it. It will be placed in your inventory under Clothing.
To save multiple items as an outfit, you will click on "Make Outfit."
*This part is important. Only select the items you want to keep together as an outfit. I only save the items I am currently creating – not items I might also be wearing at the time, like my hair or eyelashes or shoes or jewelry…
Create a folder name that is descriptive (ie. "Riding Habit"). Don’t forget this, or your outfit’s folder will be called NEW OUTFIT.
Then, if you click on "Rename clothing to folder name," each piece will contain the outfit’s name (ie. "Riding Habit Pants" or "Riding Habit Socks")



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