sl11:Dinosaur park

Come across this location and thought of checking it out cause it sounds awesome.

Details of the location:-

Category: Parks & Nature

Region: Dinosaurs Park

Owned by:Dinosaurs Council (group)

Nargus dino avatar shop and dinosaur park. Electric fence, reinforced dome, and laboratory — raptor, ptera, t-rex, compsognathus

Click on region (above) to teleport to the location.

Entrance was quite impressive. Reminds me a little bit of Jurassic Park.



This is the info centre



Eating area 🙂



Dino Avatar which you can purchase



Went to check out the Observation 1. Nope. No dino is sight. Maybe because it is 6pm? Was disappointed for a while.



Going down.



Went to Observation Tower 2 to try my luck



The observation area with telescopes 🙂



Okay. Saw one dino. Can you find the orange tail? 🙂 So far it is one dino after looking at all the scopes.



Verdict: Maybe the developer in the midst of designing more dinos. The more dinos the better…flying ones, sea ones and land ones.


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