Went to THREE islands which focus on ENERGY

Welcome to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Island on Second Life! Your outlet for DOE related information, media, and interactivity.  Feel free to explore and become a subatomic particle!

Click on this link to TP to the location:

This is the lobby. Here, we have links to their YouTube Vid, Job applications for DOE, main website, info about energy stuff by DOE.



This is a snapshot of DOE overall. Cool layout! You can see the TWO of the five energy:water, wind, solar, earth, fire


That is a thing which brings you around the island. Along the way, there are explanation of the items and their significance towards environment.


Final stop. Back to the building.


Verdict:Not bad. Quite informative. It will be good to have someone there on duty to explain a little bit more cause the info provided may not be sufficient. Very organised! Hope to see more items used for energy conservation.

Another energy area: Energy Green Island

Learn about new green energy technologies at Energy Green Island. There are fun activities and lessons for each of the five alternative energy sources — water, solar, geothermal, biomass, and wind.

Click on the link given to TP:

Looks like it is in Japanese language.



This is the website. Click here to go to the website


The layout


An explanation on GREEN ELECTRICITY


And there are some cows.


Now I know what is the purpose.


Geothermal energy?


yes. Geo thermal 🙂


Next:Wind energy, my next destination.



Apparently there is an activity I am not aware of 🙂


Verdict: Awesome place. Two Thumbs UP!!

Next, to ECOCommons

The offices of several environmental organizations in Second Life, including the Sierra Club,, American Wildlife Rescue, and TechSoup’s GreenTech Initiative. EcoCommons provides a network for environmentally-focused nonprofits to promote awareness, community-building and environmental education efforts.


Click on any of the organisation, you will be TP to the location. The eagle (on my right) will rb


image image

Flying. Do not worry. There will be another eagle on stand-by

image image

Places which eagle brought me. Yes, it is a guided tour with explanation on which organisation is it, for what and by whom.

image image

Verdict: Cool though the the flying can be very very slow.


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