GL2010:day 02 cont part 2

Attended 2 key notes: Both had interesting titles. So without any expectation, went to listen.

The first one was on Global Educational Technology: A Luddite View by Jon Baggaley from Athabasca University, Canada


Now, I am clueless of the term LUDDITE and why-what does LUDDITE got to do with educational technology. Prof. Jon mentioned that LUDDITE refers to someone who dislikes the usage of technology. Here are links to what is LUDDITE and NEO-LUDDISM.

An article (I google) on LUDDITE and educational technology:

So since it as refer to anti-technology, what is the relationship with educational technology then. Believe me, I am trying to understand what is being presented. A different level for me, I must say.

A snapshot of selected slides from Prof. Jon presentation to help the reader see the connection with NEO LUDDITE and EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY.


The second keynote was on Beyond Dichotomies: Rethinking the World Through New Technologies by Merry Merryfield from The Ohio State University, USA


She illustrated how technology such as youtube, wiki, blog, skype helped students from different continents to have a better understanding of each other by erasing the stereotyping and assuming through providing real, on-live examples (see pictures below).

P1100777wp P1100778wp

Technology, yes, does provide endless opportunities to make in-depth learning. Learning is not just confined within the pages of the written textbook which may some of the knowledge may expire with the global development engulfing the world. Therefore technology makes learning knowledge current. Of course, the instructor needs to be selective in these knowledge as there are issues in the validity and the credibility of content. It all boils down to how the instructor collect and collate and deliver these content-knowledge.


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