Lately, there has been a wave of interest on creating and publishing your own e-book. The wave gets higher as there has been interest to make the e-book more interactive. So far Apple has created an application – iBook Author which can be downloaded free oops…but yours truly doesn’t have a MAC.

A team from Korea create an interactive ebook application called MOGLUE.


Before I start yapping about it, do not compare this with iBook Author. Smile  Both are different in levels and also the approach.

This application can be used on Windows platform. The catch is – to check/preview your changes made on the ebook, you need to download MoglueBooks in your iOS device-iphone/ipad (they are currently developing Mbooks for Android—see image below on the issue)



Here is the dashboard (Image 1) for Moglue Builder.


Image 1

On the dashboard, the layout is pretty simple for user to grasp how to move around.

Things provided in their library are images and sounds. You can add your own images and sounds

(Refer to Image 2) Since I am not into the images provided by their library, I decided to “borrow” images from the Web. By the way, when it comes to choosing images, be very selective on the images for the content. Once you download the images of your choice, click FILE —> IMPORT —-> Select the downloaded images —> and the images will be transferred to the application library. The choice of fonts are a variety. Of course, size, colour and rotation for both font and images can be changed. To remove the images from the page, just click on the image, and then press DELETE from your keyboard.


Image 2



Image 3

Then there is the part of adding and deleting pages (Refer to Image 3). Just right click on the previous page, and you can start adding pages to the ebook Smile


For interactive, there are a set of provided actions (refer to Image 4) which can be embedded on the image ( s ).


Image 4


What you need to do is to drag the selected action into the box (which will comes with the image that is embedded on the page) You can add a few actions accordingly depending on how you want the image to interact with the reader. If you want to remove the selected action from the image, all you need to do is  press DELETE.

For more info on the arrangement for actions, go to this link:


Image 5


So to preview the current page or book, make sure you install MoglueBooks in your iOS first. Switch it on in your iOS device. Next, on your MoglueBuilder (installed in your PC), click FIND TARGET DEVICE (Refer to Image 6). By the way, make sure both iOS device and PC are on the same Wifi line. A box will appear (Refer to Image 7). Click FIND and the application will locate the device with the MoglueBooks. If the application is running, the iOS device IP address will appear. Then you can start previewing the page/book from your iOS device real-time. Kinda cool actually! Unfortunately, it can be a hassle for those who do not have iOS device. I do wish the team do away with that, and have the preview change from the desktop.



Image 6



Image 7

Anyway, the book created cannot be published yet. I can’t seem to find the button for that. I guess the developer is working on that soon.

For those who are in the tertiary education, don’t be put off by the images (meant for kids). I think it is possible to create an interactive textbook / manual / handbook for your audience.

So far Mogluebuilder is great for those who has iOS device (for previewing the changes made on the book or page)

To see what Moglue can produce, check out the ready made interactive e-books: (only can be downloaded in iOS devices)

The ebook which I create is pretty simple. Have not done anything textbookish or complicated as I am not familiar with the application yet. Hmm…maybe I should give it a go and see how it works out.


4 thoughts on “Moglue

  1. Did you ever have a go at creating something more complex? I’m considering using Moglue – in a research project I’m working on to do with using interactive ebooks in higher education – I’d love to hear your thoughts if you carried on using it.


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