Easel.ly (beta)

I have always wanted to create my own INFOGRAPHICS. The challenging part would be to rearrange all the data visually while making it appealing, plus the data needs to flow well from the beginning to the end.

Then I came across EASEL.LY (still in beta mode). The online application claims that it provides the right support, thus the process of creating INFOGRAPHICS will be manageable. OK time to check it out. (by the way, CLICK on Image 1 to go to website)


Image 1: EASEL.LY homepage

After a simple registration, I am brought to the design area. Here, you are given 15 themes in creating your INFOGRAPHICS. The visual themes are awesomely appealing! Of course, you can start with a blank page (provided too). For a newbie like me, I would go for the themes.


Image 2: Templates

Ok. To start off, I picked the Meals template. The interface for the workstation is friendly.  At the top of the workstation will be the editing tools (Image 4).


Image 3:Interface



Image 4:Editing tools.

You can add provided objects to the template, your own background, add text, change colour, undo the previous action, edit the text in the template, change the size of the object/text from the template, rearrange the items from the template and more…

One of the best parts of the application is that you can save your work and continue later. You can also choose to share (Image 5) your work by publishing your pieces via embed link or setting the infographic to public mode for others to view. OR one can choose to download the INFOGRAPHIC. Download file is in .JPG. That is even better in case there is slow connection which will take more than a minute to load the image.


Image 5

How can it be applied in classes? The possibilities are endless.

Ask students to create infographics based on the given set of data. Then the teacher will be able to see different interpretation and also be able to gauge students’ level of understanding on the matter. The usage of infographics is not limited to numbers. It can be used for literature, history, and even language subject.

I do wish Easel.ly has an offline application. Then I don’t have to worry about slow internet connection. Well, wishful thinking.

Anyway, this is one application worth using for teaching and learning.


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